How To A Create A Tropical Garden You Can Be Proud Of 
Without The Big HUGE Price Tag
Creating A Dream Garden should be an experience enjoyed by everyone 
That's why, we want to offer you a chance to receive advice from a Qualified Garden Consultant to take away the uncertainty of creating your own Tropical Garden! 
 Yes thats right!
  No overpriced visits, hidden charges or let downs!
Our 1-Hour Home Garden Site Visit Includes:
  • Recommendations on any purposed new garden beds.  
  •  Honest, sound advice on any new soft and hard landscaping concepts.
  •  Assisting you to identify existing plants in your garden.
  •  Suggestions on new plant species suitable for your unique garden.
  •  Maintenance advice on existing plants.  
  •  Pest & disease identification and recommended treatments. 
Book your 1-hour consultation for only $200 $97!
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Clients must reside within 50km from Darwin 
You might be thinking - Why us? 

Over 10 Years of Experience Working With Tropical Plants 

We've helped dozens of new & existing homeowners design their dream garden - and we're only getting better!

Proven Track Record

We know what we're talking about and have knowledge of the latest and greatest in Tropical Garden Design. We work with our Tropical climate, not against it.

Fully Qualified to Consult

Our Qualified Horticulturists will give you the right advice on what plants are suitable for your unique garden.

We're on the same Team

We know our Top End Plants, Inside & out! We only recommend & use plants that thrive in our climate. 

Step-by-Step Guidance

We will help you identify any existing plants in your Top End & advise you on how to care for them. We will guide you through each step in creating your dream garden.

No Adjustments Needed

No need to change your garden for different seasons - we'll design one that looks great all year round!
Don't take our word for it - Here's what our clients have to say!
“Best investment we ever made for our own home and our rental property! Regina helped us create a garden that we can now have friends over and enjoy it!"
Durack, NT   
“Gina helped us identify and remove lots weedy trees that had suckered all through our garden and we didn’t even know they were weeds!”
- Sue
 Muirhead, NT
“By far the garden design plan is well worth the money, we knew exactly what plants to buy and exactly where to plant them. Very happy with the service. Can highly recommend”
- Chris
Leanyer, NT
No More Delays - It's time to create your Tropical Garden!
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Let's make your Dream a Reality!
Limited spots available each week.
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*Offer only available to residents based in the
Northern Territory of Australia
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